1 in 5 British pensioners, from a 12 million generation live in poverty, with many pensioners dying and starving to death through the winter months because they cannot afford to heat their homes, or to eat properly.  This should shame us all in our ever widening rich and poor devide continued by the New Labour Government embracing Thatcherite policies from their general election victory in 1997,  and it was Margaret Thatcher  who intitiated our rich and poor devide.
LINK-AGE/COUNTRYWIDE is the only non party political pensions pressure group in the UK with a manifesto pertaining to all British pensioners calling for UK state pensions to be brought in line with Europe, where we are demanding among other issues, a state pension increase to £250 a week for all UK single pensioners, and a relevant increase for couples. This is easily affordable., and our manifesto has to be sent by people to their respective constituent MP's, direct at The House Of Commons.

We also demand the abolition of the council tax, and an increase in the national income tax threshold to take the UK's low waged out
of taxation completely and many pensioners, and also the abolition of taxing pensioners on their income and/or savings., which is only fair because this generation have already been paying taxes all their working life.
There is a myth being peddled by the Government and the media that due to an ever aging population and diminishing workforce that state pension increases are unaffordable.  This is just not true.  But this deliberately puts a devide between the old and the young and visa versa.
The fact is that the Government's Pensions Credit means test system for pensioners is costing tax payers 10 times more than the restoration of the earnings link would cost, plus this Government are sitting on a "surplus" in National Insurance contributions in excess of £40 billion, this is expected to be 74.1 billion by 2012.  So the money is there, without having to raise taxes.

"Link-Age" means "Linking the generations on pensions", because we campaign for young people also. 

To get involved in this cause for the elderly, people can e.mail initially the following address,-


Yours sincerely
Michael Thompson
Founder Link-Age/Countrywide.


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